Do you really want that thing you claim you want?

Are you ready for it?
Are you really a match to it?
Are you the relationship? Are you the job? Are you the car? Are you the prosperity? Are you the abundance?

When you want something you frequently feel and see in your imagination that you don’t have it. Regardless of the words chosen, what you see or witness and how you feel are keys.

Be the car! Be the relationship before you have it. Be a match to it!


Pushing against and desire distinction.

When you really really want something there is a high risk of actually pushing against it. You observe the absence of what you want, this triggering a feeling of lack.
As you are more in tune with witnessing the absence of what you want, you actually ask for the opposite of your desired experience.

Imagination, contrary to what I initially thought, is playing with images in your mind. It is playing. Not struggling. There is no pressure, no deadlines. It is easy playing. Child playing.
You re not fighting for it. When you fight, whatever you fight gets stronger.

You’re not only asking – come to me this thing I do not want – it is actually desiring it.
Words are pointers. They could be right or wrong. But the image in your mind is everything. Imagination. We are using it all the time.
It is the image in our mind and the feeling associated with it that creates the circumstances of our reality.

Ted Chiang has a a great fiction story about visualising images as a mean of a communication of an advanced civilisation. The movie Arrival is influenced by this story.

Wanting something is playfully seeing it, witnessing it and feeling it coming easily to your experience. You feel it and see it even though it is not here yet. You invoke it from the sea of potentials.

Fighting for it means really seeing and attracting the opposite in your experience. It is imagined struggle, it is imagined of the unwanted.

Most of us have learned that you must fight for whatever you want. This is the hard way. And it is not true.
You get it when you give up the fight. Or you never get it. Because, despite your claims, you do not really want it.

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