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Don’t bother about the labels. Mean nothing. Give me one or two, I will wear them myself. The illusion never ever bothers the truth. Peace to the illusions. You don’t need to fight what is unreal. Doing so, you will confirm its reality. So peace to the illusions. Allow them out in the light of …

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Who am I?

Am I living inside my body? Or where am I exactly? Am I somewhere inside and what I see outside is exterior, apart from me? What if is inside me? Am I exploring my interior? If so, who am I? And it was answered: You are everything. What you see and call outside is linked …

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You are already happy. There is nothing you need to acquire or do to get happy. GIve up whatever ideas blocking your own happiness. You are not happy because you are simply not allowing it. Happiness is the normal state of every living organism. This stream of enjoying life, this stream of wellbeing is expanding …

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