You are already happy. There is nothing you need to acquire or do to get happy.
GIve up whatever ideas blocking your own happiness. You are not happy because you are simply not allowing it.
Happiness is the normal state of every living organism.
This stream of enjoying life, this stream of wellbeing is expanding if not contradicted. You cannot get stuck or move backwards. There is always movement forward. There is always new discovery. Newness.
Whatever seems to block your happiness is a great opportunity for fun and playing with life, a process which ultimately will allow reaching new levels of understanding of what happiness really means. Happiness is expanding.
It means being up to speed with the process. There is no right or wrong, it is choosing whatever feels better. It is tuning. Feeling.
It is easy to get happy. It is the easy way. Always the easy way.
The playful way.
Life is a playground, not a battlefield.
You will not win happiness. You simply play it.

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